Health and Safety Training for Caregivers – 2017

Topics: Infection Prevention, Musculoskeletal Safety, Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities

POWERPOINT SLIDES: Harwood Health and Safety for Caregivers UPDATED 6.7.17

TRAINER’S GUIDE: Harwood Trainer Handbook UPDATED 6.7.17

CONVERSATION CARDS: Harwood Appendix 1 – Health and Safety Conversation Cards UPDATED 6.7.17

“FIND YOUR MATCH” GAME: Harwood Appendix 2 – FAQ – Find Your Match UPDATED 6.7.17

REVIEW GAME CATEGORIES: Trainer’s Guide Appendix 3 – Review Game – Category Titles

REVIEW GAME QUESTIONS: Trainer’s Guide Appendix 3 – Review Game – Questions

REVIEW GAME INSTRUCTIONS: Trainer’s Guide Appendix 3 – Review Game – Additional Instructions

PARTICIPANT HANDBOOK: Harwood Participant Handbook UPDATED 6.7.17

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