New Mexico Caregiver-Advocates Helping to Shape Federal Policy

Dear Members and Friends,

Representatives of New Mexico Direct Caregivers Coalition (NMDCC) met recently with U.S. Senator Tom Udall’s staff on the critical and growing availability of affordable long-term services, and the need to support home and professional caregivers who do this crucial work.

Caregivers are working with the New Mexico congressional delegation and state officials to develop policies to advance the field of direct care and the quality of care for those they serve. The meeting with Senator Udall’s staff included caregivers of persons with developmental disabilities, those who serve persons who are elderly and care recipients too.

NMDCC urged Senator Udall’s support for Senate legislation expected to be introduced soon for a comprehensive approach to expanding and supporting a strong home care workforce, making long-term services and supports affordable and accessible in communities.

Direct care workforce needs in New Mexico, like the nation, are among the top two fastest-growing occupations. As baby boomers age and people with disabilities are increasingly integrated into our communities, the availability of affordable long-term home care can mean the difference between living safely at home as a member of the community or having to move into an institutionalized setting.

The New Mexico Direct Caregivers Coalition, along with Direct Care Alliance and hundreds of other organizations across the country, is part of a national coalition called Caring Across Generations, a campaign to transform long-term care in the United States.

Our policy work continues next month in Washington, D.C. where we will help develop and support solutions at the national and state levels to improve long-term care and the workforce that provides these invaluable services to the people of New Mexico.

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