New Mexico Caregivers Coalition Partners with First Advantage to Offer Background Checks

NMCC has entered a partnership with First Advantage, an international technology company that provides bulk Federal, state and local criminal background checks. NMCC has formed this partnership to be able to offer New Mexico caregivers a way to check their own records at all levels of government to verify accuracy and gain peace of mind when future care recipients and/or employers conduct their own background check.

This service is also available to care recipients  so they and their family members can also feel safe and secure before hiring the caregivers they hope to hire. First Advantage is a best-in-class company within its field. The company is recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Safety Act Certification as able to demonstrate robust internal standards and screening services.

NCQA-Certified First Advantage received the National Committee for Quality Assurance Certification as a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) in 2012 for its Health Care credentialing services. First Advantage is the first background screening provider to earn this important healthcare industry certification. US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor-certified First Advantage is also designated meeting the EU and Swiss standard for data privacy protection.

New Mexico Caregivers Coalition extends this service to caregivers and care recipients—all at a highly affordable cost. Call 505-867-6046 or write to get started.

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