Now there’s an easy way to determine online how state and federal benefits may change if a caregiver decides to continue his/her education or look for a better job. The portal was developed by the Federal Reserve of Atlanta and assists job-seekers, social workers, advocates, and state policymakers by simulating educational attainment and career pathways, demonstrating what happens to public assistance benefits as a result. The tool was developed for New Mexico Caregivers Coalition FOR New Mexicans, using state workforce and benefits data.

  1. Go directly to the CLIFF-New Mexico Dashboard, an informational dashboard that shows how public assistance losses intersect with local in-demand career paths. The dashboard shows the financial tradeoffs associated with career advancement and the net gains to the taxpayer when workers advance. For some of our partners, it also simulates policy and programmatic solutions:
  2. Get training from Federal Reserve Bank on how to use the CLIFF-New Mexico Dashboard:
  3. CLIFF Planner is a career path planner and budgeting tool that shows how public assistance losses intersect with local in-demand career paths. The planner allows the user to compare career choices and provide individualized results in more detail than with the CLIFF Dashboard. It also allows the user to create a budget that will mitigate financial barriers to career advancement. See demo versions of the CLIFF Planner
  4. CLIFF Guaranteed Income Dashboard shows the effect that receiving guaranteed income has on the receipt of public assistance. The dashboard is being used to inform prospective participants in guaranteed-income (GI) pilot programs about the possible implications of a guaranteed income on their eligibility for social safety net programs so they can make an informed decision about whether to enroll in a GI pilot. The dashboard is also helping GI pilot program designers create their programs and negotiate income-disregard waivers for government assistance programs in their areas. This tool is for state and local policymakers. See demo versions of the CLIFF GI Dashboard
  5. Federal Reserve Bank CLIFF Online “Office Hours”: Note, please at least watch a few of the training videos before you visit FRB during Office Hours.
  6. Do you know what public assistance benefits you might qualify to receive? This is your portal to quickly and easily apply, check, update, or renew for a variety of public assistance programs. Create an account to apply for and access your status for various benefits like Medical Assistance(Medicaid), Food Assistance (SNAP), Water Assistance(LIHWAP), Cash Assistance (TANF), Energy Assistance (LIHEAP):
  7. Personal Financial Form developed by FRB for Caregivers (and others!) who want to learn more about their own finances: Personal Financial Form

Thank you to those who joined us on July 26, 2022 for the in-person Career Ladder Identifier and Financial Forecaster (CLIFF) Informational Session!

If you are interested in viewing additional photos from the July event, visit the NMCC photo gallery.

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