SB 342 will ensure that when the state raises provider pay rates in the DD and Medically Fragile waivers, a portion of the increase is passed on by provider agencies to the workers directly providing the services. The bill has three goals: fair treatment for workers, promoting an adequate workforce to provide essential services to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Medicaid waiver programs, and informing good policymaking through collection of data.

What SB 342 would do:

  • Require that a significant portion of any provider rate increase (at least 70%, a percentage based on the recent rate study) be passed on to improve compensation to workers.
  • Support workers providing vital services to persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Promote an adequate DSP workforce by improving worker pay and benefits.
  • Collect data to inform New Mexico’s policymaking in the DD waivers.

.What SB 342 would NOT do:

  • Mandate a particular wage or an immediate raise for DSPs
  • Require an appropriation

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