FACT SHEET: SB 342 – The Medicaid Waiver Wage Fairness and Workforce Act (sponsored by Sen. Liz Stefanics)

SB 342 will ensure that when the state raises provider pay rates in the DD and Medically Fragile waivers, a portion of the increase is passed on by provider agencies to the workers directly providing the services. The bill has three goals: fair treatment for workers, promoting an adequate workforce to provide essential services to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Medicaid waiver programs, and informing good policymaking through collection of data.

What SB 342 would do:

  • Require that a significant portion of any provider rate increase (at least 70%, a percentage based on the recent rate study) be passed on to improve compensation to workers.
  • Support workers providing vital services to persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Promote an adequate DSP workforce by improving worker pay and benefits.
  • Collect data to inform New Mexico’s policymaking in the DD waivers.

.What SB 342 would NOT do:

  • Mandate a particular wage or an immediate raise for DSPs
  • Require an appropriation

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