Training for Caregivers

New Mexico Caregivers Coalition develops caregiver trainings that recognize and value the personal and professional contributions of caregivers. Then we deliver trainings that result in well-trained, knowledgeable caregivers—whether they are paid professionals or unpaid family members. Trainings are topics of medical and also non-medical skills-building. Example trainings are: infection prevention, safe transfer and mobility, self-care, communications skills, financial literacy, navigating Medicare, history of home- and community-based services and workers’ rights and many more. Training is provided at no cost to caregivers.

For current trainings, see Calendar of Events

Many previously-delivered trainings are on our YouTube channel and in our Shared Google Drive

“Health and Safety for Caregivers During a Pandemic” Training Materials

“Health and Safety for Caregivers: Special Topics 2023” Training Materials

Archived Trainings (2016-2018) can be found here

Questions? Email or call 505-867-6046

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