New Mexico Respite Care Provider Registry Launches January 2024!

The New Mexico Caregivers Coalition (NMCC) is happy to announce the start of the New Mexico Respite Care Provider Registry!

The New Mexico Respite Care Provider Registry will be officially launched in January 2024 to folks across the state of New Mexico. However, before the registry’s launch, the registry needs a list of respite providers for potential care recipients and clients to search through.

New Mexican family caregivers have been asking for some way to find trained and experienced caregivers in the State to provide respite for them. In an effort to support our caregiver population, NMCC partnered with the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin (RCAW) and ARCH National Respite Network in a 2022-2023 pilot program. During this pilot program, NMCC adopted the online Respite Care Provider training course from RCAW and updated it to meet New Mexico guidelines. This online training course is a no-cost, self-paced, 10-module course, that teaches 10 core competencies for respite caregivers. Upon completion of the course and its required tests, the caregiver receives a 7-hour Certificate of Completion for Respite Care Provider Training. The caregiver also becomes eligible to create a Respite Care Provider Profile on New Mexico Respite Care Registry (

We are excited to include caregivers from across the State on the Respite Care Provider Registry and are inviting your caregiving staff to complete the Respite Care Provider Training then submit their Respite Care Provider listings to the registry. Caregivers that are interested in the Respite Care Provider Training may access the training portal here:

Download recruitment flyer here

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